The largest Greek action of applied technological, entrepreneurial and social innovation to protect the environment and contribute to a Greece Free of Single-Use Plastics!

The Demo Day took place at Sani Resort in Halkidiki, featuring various side events around the theme of the campaign “Greece, Free of Single-Use Plastics”.

On Saturday, June 12, the grand finale of the first open innovation action within the national campaign “Greece, Free of Single-Use Plastics” took place at Sani Resort in Kassandra, Halkidiki. It was organized by the technology and innovation company Crowdpolicy under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The online Open Day of the 1st Innovation Competition in the field of defence, Defence Innovation Challenge, was held with great success on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

The Open Day was attended by startups, developers, researchers, students, professionals, business executives, executives of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence and the wider public sector, as well as other stakeholders interested in global trends, digital transformation and defence innovation. The event was attended by more than 200 people.

The Deputy Minister of National Defence, Mr. Alkiviadis Stefanis, Colonel Nikolaos Megos, Lt Commander Iason Dimou, and Mr. …

Η πλατφόρμα διαχείρισης καινοτομίας της Crowdpolicy βοηθά τους οργανισμούς να εκτελούν προγράμματα καινοτομίας με τις σωστές οδηγίες, μεθόδους οργάνωσης και προηγμένες λειτουργίες, δοκιμασμένες σε πολλές υλοποιήσεις με μετρημένα αποτελέσματα.

Η Πλατφόρμα Διαχείρισης Καινοτομίας προσφέρει μια ολιστική πλατφόρμα βασισμένη στην εκτεταμένη εμπειρία της Crowdpolicy σε προγράμματα καινοτομίας. Μέχρι τώρα έχει διοργανώσει περισσότερα από 30 crowdhackathons, bootcamps και 15 προγράμματα επιτάχυνσης.

3 βασικά χαρακτηριστικά:

  • Συγκέντρωση επιχειρηματικών σχεδίων
  • Αξιολόγηση
  • Παρακολούθηση προόδου

Με βάση τα παραπάνω, η πλατφόρμα αποτελείται από τα ακόλουθα στοιχεία:

  • Παραγωγή ιδεών
  • Δημιουργία κοινότητας
  • Κατάθεση ιδεών και matchmaking
  • Πλήρης διαγωνιστική διαδικασία

The online Open Day entitled “The Age of Virtual Assistants and Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence in Practice for the Public and Private Sector” was held on April 22 with great success and large attendance. The Open Day was organized by the Greek Technology & Innovation Company Crowdpolicy with the participation of renowned representatives of private and public bodies that are already taking advantage of the potentials of Chatbots.

The Open Day was held to highlight the added value provided by chatbots, as well as to present good implementation practices and current trends in service and communication with citizens in the context…

Artificial Intelligence in Practice for the Public and Private Sector — New Opportunities for Digital Transformation, Service and Communication.

On Thursday, April 22, at 14:00, an online Open day will be held, entitled “The Age of Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Artificial Intelligence in Practice for the Public and Private Sector”, that will highlight the added value provided by chatbots, as well as good implementation practices and modern trends in citizen service and digital transformation.

The Open Day is organized by the Greek Technology & Innovation Company Crowdpolicy. Crowdpolicy is a leading company in Greece in the implementation of digital systems…

Upgrading of customer care and communication services through a Chatbot and artificial intelligence technologies, based on the enterprise chatbots & loyalty platform of Crowdpolicy.

HEDNO launched “Kiros”, a new innovative digital platform (chatbot) with the aim of upgrading customer service! The chatbot of HEDNO can provide immediate answers 24 hours a day!

It includes a series of automated answers to issues related to the network, damage reporting, planned power outages and all the services we provide!

A key innovative feature of the chatbot is that it is based on artificial intelligence technologies and has the ability to “learn” and…

11 awards for Crowdpolicy at the Best City Awards 2020

Crowdpolicy was named Smart City Supplier of the Year at the Best City Awards 2020 and won a total of 11 awards.

At the Best City Awards 2020, Crowdpolicy received a total of 11 awards, of which 4 were awarded to Crowdpolicy and 7 to the collaborating Local Authorities, Municipalities and Regions that were distinguished for the implementation of good e-governance practices using Crowdpolicy systems.

The Best City Awards 2020, organized by Boussias, under the auspices of KEDE and the Region of Attica, rewarded Innovation and Quality of Life in Greek Cities for the 4th year in a row. The…

On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, the Hellenic Association of Entrepreneurs held an online event entitled “Artificial Intelligence in Greek Business — International Experience and Global Trends”.

Georgios Karamanolis, Co-Founder, CTO/CIO of Crowdpolicy, referred to the opportunities and examples of artificial intelligence in areas such as public administration, energy and financial technologies, and presented innovative best practices of applications with open public data, decision making, customer service and virtual assistants & chatbots for large organizations through applied Crowdpolicy solutions.

The online seminar entitled “Fintech Meetup: The Age of Embedded Finance” was held on January 20, 2021, with great success. It was a follow-up to the Fintech Summer Meetup that took place virtually last July as part of the Visa Innovation Program. Top executives in the field of Fintech, bank executives, as well as members of start-ups participated to exchange views on key trends

The event kicked off with a speech by Mr. George Karamanolis, Co-founder and CTO/CIO of Crowdpolicy, who analysed the current state of the Fintech ecosystem, as well as its impact on various sectors of the economy…

By Startupper Magazine

We present 30 companies in the category of technology companies — Scaleups that through innovation and technological expertise have grown rapidly in Greece and abroad being the new Greek multinationals! Most of them come from the first Greek Startups!

We would like to thank the Startupper Magazine team.

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